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  5 Tips for Managing the Marijuana Munchies If you have ever smoked cannabis, you are probably  quite  familiar with the  munchies . You know ,  that overwhelming craving for a sweet  and/ or salty snack  that comes on at some point after smoking some weed ? Although  a common  side-effect of cannabis use  that  can be  very beneficial to a  medical  patient needing  to increase their appetite,  succumbing to the munchies can be detrimental to some marijuana  users who may be prone to give in to such cravings as regularly as they smoke . So ,  what exactly  causes  the munchies? and how  best to manage them? What Causes the Munchies? Well,  you can blame the same chemical that creates  a   the   high  after smoking weed. Yup. You guessed it :   It’s   THC (short for Tetrahydrocannabinol). Our brain naturally produces its own cannabinoids, which are  responsible for controlling  our mood, memory, pain reception ,  and appetite. However, when we smoke cannabis, THC attaches to our canna

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